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Container Events: The Unlikely Secret To Becoming Loved By The 1%

In his book “Never Split The Difference,” ex-FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss says to be wary any time someone uses the term “win-win.”

Despite its prevalence in the modern business world, he warns that the term “win-win” is used exclusively by people who are trying to manipulate you into a one-sided negotiation.

And not necessarily in your favor.

But in a hostage negotiation (and in most business negotiations), there are only two parties – or “adversaries” as Voss calls them.

Most business/hostage deals don’t have multiple parties that are involved in the negotiation. And if there are, it’s only because they’ve got the same end goal and are competing against one another.

So if we take Voss’s statement at face value that a win-win is never actually equally beneficial for both sides of the table, does that mean that a win-win-win or a win-win-win-win is as well?

I would argue that’s not the case.

And in this article I’m going to use the example of a container event to prove my point.

What is a container event?

What is a container event?

Coined by RSD instructor Luke Krogh (AKA RSD Luke), a container event is an event to which you invite a bunch of people you want to network with whose amenities (attractive girls, alcohol, venue, etc) are arbitraged by each guest bringing a unique form of value.

In other words, each participant in the container event adds some value at their “wholesale cost” – something which is inherently valuable to other people, but common enough for them to be easily given away for free in exchange for attending the event.

Originally developed by the seduction community, container events are slowly gaining traction as an effective means of networking beyond just exchanging business cards with tentative plans to meet for lunch.

The general strategy of the pickup community in the past was to go out for a night of socializing, meet a bunch of girls, and either try to sleep with them that night or get their contact information for a date (called a Day 2).

The inevitable issue when a PUA (pickup artist) developed strong enough skills is that there simply wasn’t enough time in the week to date all of the girls he was meeting.

Container events were created as a way to do a group date with all of the “leads” that a PUA was meeting that week.

Instead of spending several hours per girl on dates, the PUA would simply invite all of them to a bar, nightclub, sushi restaurant etc, in order to get to know all of them at the same time and see which one he liked the best.

(As we’ll see later in the article, this concept has groundbreaking implications in the business world as well.)

The inherent benefit of dating this way was threefold:

  • You gain huge amounts of social proof as the only guy in a group of 5-10 (or more) attractive girls
  • You save money on dates because on group outings people pay their own way
  • You can get to know multiple girls at once and choose the one you like the most
  • Your network of attractive girls can be leveraged into networking opportunities and income-generating paid events

The last point is our main area of interest here.

  1. Why should you do a container event?
  2. Why does the modern dating scene look the way it does today?
  3. Why do people date each other one at a time?
  4. Why do men generally get stuck with the bill, despite the fact that women are on equal footing in the workplace?

Simple: because this is how people believe the game should be played.

If you change your beliefs, you can change your behavior and thus your results.

The three pillars of a container event

The three pillars of a container event

With all the myriad of benefits that throwing your own container events can hold, arguably the most important one is building a network of attractive girls.

There’s a concept in the seduction community that says, “women are currency.”

And while it may seem callous and unfeminist-like, the fact remains that many doors are open to attractive girls that are closed to the rest of us.

So it stands to reason that if you control a network of beautiful women, you could potentially leverage them into situations that would indirectly benefit you.

Having a network of hot girls is one piece of the container event puzzle. And in order for this to be a win-win-win, we need at least two more.

The second piece of the puzzle is going to be a venue.

This is where the beauty of container events starts to rear its beautiful head.

As I mentioned earlier, attractive women are a social commodity.

But you know what else is a social commodity? Rich and powerful men.

And while there are exceptions, most business owners who own a venue fit that description.

For example, choosing a hamburger shack in a bad part of town is probably not the best idea for holding a container event.

But there are plenty of high end restaurants that would gladly welcome 8-10 of your city’s most attractive girls as clientele for an evening of dinner and drinks. Or go-kart racing. Or Krav Maga.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to throwing container events. You’re only limited by your imagination.

One question you might be asking is this: Why would a venue let you invite a bunch of people for free just because they’re attractive?

While there does exist the concept of “comps” (complimentary services), this is a valid concern.

In many cases, there has to be an additional value-add in order for the business to agree to provide their services for free (or at cost).

But we’ll go over that in a later section.

High value guys – another piece of the container event puzzle

High value guys - another piece of the container event puzzle

Once you have the network of attractive girls, it’s time to build the network of high value guys.

They don’t have to be business owners per se, staying with concept of win-win-win they have to offer value in some way.

This can be in the form of:

  • money to pay for the event
  • use of the venue for free or at a reduced cost
  • profit sharing of the event (in case you want to make it paid)
  • media exposure
  • free food and/or alcohol
  • preferential treatment at the venue
  • transportation cost (flights, limo, etc)
  • social proof (if they’re a celebrity)
  • introductions to their network (if they’re connected themselves)

Oftentimes you can just invite someone you’re trying to schmooze to an event as a guest.

Most high value guys are not high-rolling playboys that are constantly surrounded by beautiful women.

Most of them are workaholics that haven’t had fun since college, and many of them not even then.

In the previous section we talked about securing a venue. There CAN be some overlap between high value guys and venues.

But in general it’s best to keep them separate.

The value that high value guys bring to the table is generally in the form of money (paying for the event), use of facilities (big house, boat, venue, etc), or a network of attractive girls.

Photographers, Vidoegraphers, and the keys to arbitraging your container event

Photographers, Vidoegraphers, and the keys to arbitraging your container event

So far we’ve got:

  • a network of attractive girls
  • a venue
  • high value guys

Often times this is enough to throw an event. In fact, if we use the early-stage group dating formula, then all you really need is the network of attractive girls and somewhere to take them.

But if we want to maximize our benefit while minimizing our costs, then we need to bring more value to the table ourselves.

Our role as the organizer of the container event is to invite guests who have something unique to bring to the table.

  • Attractive girls bring their attractiveness and (hopefully) pleasant personalities
  • The venue brings it’s roof, 4 walls, and amenities
  • The high value guys provide additional social proof, networking opportunities, or fund/supplement the event somehow

But like I mentioned earlier, sometimes bringing a group of attractive girls to an event isn’t enough.

Sometimes you’re going to have to pay, regardless of who you bring.

One way to tip the scales of value in your favor is to bring photographers and/or videographers to the container event.

  • If you tell a venue you want to bring a group of people to use their services, then you’re a customer.
  • If you tell a venue you want to bring a group fo people to use their services AND you’re going to create high quality phtoos and videos of the entire thing, then they’re YOUR customer!

This is how you unlock the TRUE power of a container event.

While I’m not suggesting that you change careers to become an event planner (more on this later), it’s generally a good idea to flip the dynamic from buyer to seller (IF you have something that’s in high demand).

And though I’m sure there are exceptions, most businesses have a demand for the increased social proof that comes with the Who’s Who of their city attending their venue.

Not only that, but if you’re able to capture the magic of the event on film, cut it up into bite-sized chunks and syndicate them on social media, then you’ve suddenly become extremely valuable to most B2C businesses.

Michael Sartain: a case study in container events

Michael Sartain: a case study in container events

An excellent example of this is Michael Sartain, a Vegas-based event host and longtime friend of the aforementioned Luke.

Michael started the charity Babes In Toyland as a way to check all the boxes of the container event strategy.

Now he maintains a network of thousands of the most beautiful women in the world under the pretense of holding charity events for social good.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Not only do you get to engage in the unbridled debauchery of the Las Vegas lifestyle, but you’re doing it for charity.

His charity has enabled him to network with:

  • Supermodels
  • Playboy Playmates
  • Instagram influencers
  • Hollywood celebrities
  • Famous athletes
  • Rappers and other famous musicians

These events are photographed by dozens of photographers and videographers.

The content is then syndicated across Michael’s IG and the Babes In Toyland Instagram account as well.

Most if not all of the attendees have between 10k – 1m Instagram followers and give Michael free promotion all throughout the event by posting stories, pictures, and videos on their own.

What business owner wouldn’t want some of that?

And all they have to do is to comp their services at their wholesale cost.

Using arbitrage to maximize the value of your container event

Using arbitrage to maximize the value of your container event

If you bring enough value to your container events, you can even charge money for them.

Michael’s level of success is not something that was achieved overnight. Networking on this level takes time.

But for most of us, the challenge isn’t actually sending that cold email or picking up the phone.

Anyone can dial numbers on a phone or type out an email.

The challenge for most of us is believing that something like this is even possible.

I don’t know about you, but until I heard Luke painstakingly explain how container events worked, it had never occurred to me to operate my dating, social, and professional life this way.

I didn’t have the concept for it in my mind. You probably didn’t either until you read this.

But let’s take this strategy one step further.

What’s better than organizing a container event on your own full of attractive girls, high value guys, photographers and videographers, and a high-end venue?

Getting other people to do it for you.

After all, do you REALLY have time to go out there and:

  • create a network of beautiful women from scratch
  • cold call or cold email dozens of venues
  • learn to shoot professional photos/videos and edit them
  • network with high value guys
  • negotiate their contributions with each of them

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

You have two options.

The first one is that you could pay someone to do everything for you.

If you’re a business owner, have more money than time, and are looking to get started immediately, then this is probably your best option.

If your goal is to be in the role of organizer, then what you’re going to want is to outsource this labor to a set of individuals who specialize in one of each of the areas.

Finding a superconnector with a network of attractive girls

Finding a superconnector with a network of attractive girls

For example, let’s say you want to build a network of attractive women but don’t have the time or resources to go out and befriend them individually.

Instead, you could look for a person or organization that already has the network, such as:

  • Modeling agencies
  • Professional photographers
  • Talent agents
  • Club promoters/hosts
  • Social butterflies
  • Nail salon owners
  • Hairstylists
  • DJs
  • Lululemon employees
  • Starbucks baristas

Each of these examples is likely to have a network of hundreds if not thousands of attractive women.

By offering them the opportunity to participate in your container event, you are giving them:

  1. Networking opportunities with the business owners
  2. A lifestyle perk for the girls (who are often broke)
  3. The chance to network with high value guys
  4. More content for their social media accounts
  5. A fun night out for free

Obviously not everyone will jump enthusiastically at the idea.

Some will be suspicious, some are possessive, and some people are just haters.

But as I always say: sales is a numbers game.

Contact enough people and you will find one that says yes.

And when the network is large enough, you only need one to say yes.

Finding a superconnector for venues and/or high value guys

Finding a superconnector for venues and/or high value guys

The difference between pitching your container event to business owners vs people with networks of attractive girls is that you can’t really skip the negotiation with the business owner.

For example, you can ask a club promoter if he knows 10 girls that want to come to a photoshoot at a sushi restaurant on Thursday night and can be reasonably sure that he’ll provide the girls without you having to speak to each girl individually and confirm their attendance.

In other words, you don’t need to “close” the girls on anything. The promoter does that.

It’s low risk and low investment for them.

Business owners, on the other hand, have a higher risk/reward ratio and need to be negotiated with individually.

And as such, finding them through a superconnector will start you off on the right foot because you’re coming in as a referral.

But you’ll still need to speak with them and close the deal on your own.

That said, when it comes to doing cold outreach, I’m personally a fan of using tools like Paigham Bot and Drop Cowboy.

If you haven’t read my article on Paigham Bot, it’s essentially a contact form submitter that messages businesses through the contact form on their website.

While it’s not exactly a laser-targeted approach, you can scrape search engines for businesses in specific geographic locations and contact them with a region-specific offer.

Another option is to use ringless voicemail drops via Drop Cowboy.

These are voice messages that are “deposited” into the recipient’s voicemail. The ones who are interested call you back, and the ones who aren’t don’t.

Lists of business phone numbers in geographic locations aren’t hard to come by. Data can be bought in a number of places. If you don’t want to purchase it and are somewhat technologically savvy, phone numbers are one of the forms of data you can scrape with Paigham Bot.

Some types of superconnectors of business owners are:

  • Lawyers
  • Real estate agents
  • Plastic surgeons
  • VIP hosts
  • Luxury car dealers
  • Private jet rentals
  • Sommeliers

What do the venue owners get out of holding a container event at their location?


  1. Hundreds of high quality photos from a professional photographer(s)
  2. A highly-edited video from a professional videographer
  3. The ego boost of having a dozen or more attractive women at their location
  4. The additional social media exposure from each of the girls’ individual accounts
  5. Exposure to any high value guys who attend the event

Finding the right photographers/videographers

Finding the right photographers/videographers

The last piece of the puzzle is the media producers that you choose to invite.

While many guys do develop an interest in photography themselves, it’s much less time-intensive to just bring a photographer along to the event.

Many photographers are looking for opportunities to expand their book. And to shoot a high end event like the one you’re proposing would allow them to solicit clients of a similar caliber.

An added benefit of finding photographers (or taking up photography as a hobby on your own) is that they often come with networks of attractive girls.

After all, hot girls are one of humanity’s favorite pieces of eye candy. It’s only natural that photographers would have worked with girls in the past and have an established relationship with them.

As I mentioned, it’s also an easy way to befriend attractive girls. Most if not all girls have thought about modeling in the past and would jump at the chance to have photos taken of them for free.

In fact, taking up photography as a hobby is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone: you build a network of attractive girls AND learn photography skills at the same time.

Regarding videography, I believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

A 4 minute promotional video can be chopped up into 100 smaller pieces of content and used for the next six months by the business owner. Professional videos cost thousands of dollars on their own, so for a business to receive one for free (or at a reduced cost) is extremely valuable.

The best place to find photographers and videographers is Instagram. Filter by your location and use hashtagas like #photographer or #cityphotographer or #professionalphotographer.

When reaching out to them, just explain what you’re doing with the event and that you’d like to offer them the opportunity to come shoot and network with everyone.

If the photographer is a young man still in the process of building their book, chances are they’ll jump at the chance.

What do they gain from offering their services?

  1. The chance to get new modeling clients (the girls)
  2. The chance to get a new customer (the venue)
  3. Additional content for their book to show to new potential clients
  4. A reference for similar future clients
  5. A fun night out

What kind of container event are YOU going to throw?

What kind of container event are YOU going to throw?

Even though they require a little more work, if you’ve read this far then I assume you see the value in container events.

What started out as a way to streamline your dating life has now turned into a full-fledged business opportunity for the enterprising superconnectors of the world.

In life, it’s important to work hard. But it’s also important to work smart.

Using effort is crucial regardless of what industry you’re in.

  • But do you want to spend 10 hours a day digging holes with your bare hands?
  • Or would you rather rent a bulldozer and dig the same amount in five minutes?
  • Do you want to spend the next six months of your life building a network of attractive women – one by one?
  • Or would you rather spend a few days networking with salon owners, club promoters, and modeling agencies?
  • Do you want to spend money on a photography course, buy a Lycra DSLR camera, and cut your teeth on the learning curve of becoming a good photographer?
  • Or would you rather just ask a few photographers on IG if they’re interested in working with you?
  • Do you want to suffer the headache and financial costs involved in opening a bar, club, restaurant, or venue of your own?
  • Or would you rather just do some cold outreach to a few hundred of them and see who’s willing to hold a container event with you?

At the end of the day, container events are all about one thing: efficiency.

  • Streamline your dating life
  • Network with business owners
  • Create a media empire
  • Facilitate win-win-win-win relationships between business owners, attractive women, high value guys, and the people who showcase them to the world

While it may seem like throwing a container event is more work doing things the “normal” way, it really isn’t.

It’s actually the same amount of work.

You’re still going to have to send emails, make phone calls, and talk to people in person.

Why not raise the stakes a little bit?

Why go after just one gold coin when you can get the entire pot of them?

If you have any questions about container events, feel free to reach out to me at stuart@stuartoden.com

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