How To Get A Job With No Experience (EASY METHOD)

Want to learn how to get a job with no experience? Do yourself a favor and learn from the master by reading this article.

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s how to get a job.

I’ve had more jobs than I can count. I’ve also been fired from a lot of jobs – but that’s just how things roll when you feel like you have unlimited options.

Over the course of my life I’ve worked in restaurants, bars, office jobs, sales jobs, customer service, physical labor jobs.. you name it. I prefer some to others (we’ll talk about that later), but in this article I’m going to break it down for you the fastest easiest way to get a job that I’ve discovered.

That said, let’s talk a little bit about the biggest conundrum for people who are looking for a job that might not have any experience: to get the job you need experience, and to get experience you need a job.

How can you get a job with no experience?

How can you get a job with no experience?

Putting aside the fact that this is a myth for entry level positions (intermediate to advanced positions might require some experience for obvious reasons), the solution is very simple.

You just have to make the interviewer think you REALLY want the job.

When it comes down to it, getting hired for a job is all about who wants the job more. Anyone who has been in a managerial position or owned a business before knows that given the choice between someone who is DYING to work for your company vs someone who is extremely qualified but ambivalent about the position, they’d prefer the former.

This is something that’s hard to understand unless you’ve actually owned a business or tried to hire anyone.

I’m not saying I’m Mr Big Businessman or anything, but I have enough experience and have talked to enough business owners to know that this is a common sentiment.

Keep this in mind as we go through the later sections of this article when applying for a job: if you make the interviewer think that you will attack your duties like someone who is obsessed with the work, then you’re likely to get whatever position you’re applying for.

Craigslist: the best place to find a job

Craigslist: the best place to find a job

So first things first: the BEST way to get a job is through the personal recommendation of someone who is already working for the company you want to work for.

If you know someone who works for a company that you want to work for, ask them if they are hiring. Assuming the person you’re asking has a good impression of you already (and vouching for you wouldn’t make them look bad), they’ll usually offer to ask the head of their department if they’re looking for more people.

Send them your resume and contact info and cross your fingers.

However, this obviously isn’t always a viable option and limits your choices to companies that your friends work for. It’s not a strategy that can be relied on UNLESS you’re a social butterfly and know a lot of people.

Aside from that, let’s talk about my favorite job-searching website: Craigslist.

I know what you’re thinking: companies don’t post good jobs on Craigslist. That’s for losers!

I even have a friend who owns a business owner who always used to say Craigslist was “the dregs of humanity.” He still hired a bunch of people from there.

Anyway, I like Craigslist for a few reasons:

  • the site is lightweight and easy to navigate
  • a lot of companies will post jobs on there
  • it’s easy to contact massive amounts of companies from the site

As you can probably tell, the strategies I’m going over in this article involve a volume approach to getting a job.

When you have no experience and need a job quickly, you can’t really be picky. However, you don’t need to lower your standards. You can still get yourself a high-paying job if you know where to look and how to approach the companies in question.

Speaking of which, the roles we’re looking for have specific characteristics in common:

  1. commission-only sales jobs
  2. fresh leads or automated dialing system
  3. in a proven industry
  4. may require a license to sell the product (insurance, etc)

Commission-only sales jobs: no degree required

Commission-only sales jobs: no degree required

Still here? Good. Then the “commission-only” part didn’t scare you off.

Sales jobs have a bad rap, though I can’t say it’s undeserved. The company doesn’t pay an hourly wage, so theoretically you could spend the entire day working and not make any money. That sounds like a raw deal for most people, doesn’t it?

This is doubly so for people who are looking for a job. “Looking for a job” implies that you don’t have a source of income or are unhappy with your current job for some reason. If you’re going to swing to another branch, you want to make sure that the branch you’re swinging to is stable – or at least more stable than the one you’re swinging from.

That said, this is all a problem of perception.

If you look at sales jobs on a day by day basis, then you could argue that working all day and not selling anything is a waste of time.

But what if you extend your timeline to a week? Or a month? Or a year?

In other words, compare the monthly earnings of two jobs. You could work in a grocery store for $11/hour x 8 hours a day. That would be $88/day before taxes. Working 5 days a week means you would earn roughly $450 per week.

I don’t know about you, but $450/week is pretty pathetic. Especially considering that you’re spending 8 hours of your day working for this company.

There are some sales positions where you can make $450 PER SALE.

There are some sales positions where you can make $4500 PER SALE.

Sure, you won’t make them on a daily basis. But if you’re able to be patient and extend your timeline to a month, then it’s easy to understand how working in sales might be in your best interest.

If you make $4500 per sale, then you would only need to make one sale every two months in order to match the amount that you would have been making at the grocery store. And you could probably do it in less than 100 combined hours.

Of course these are just arbitrary numbers as sales jobs sell different things and pay different commissions. But the point is that working in sales is much more efficient than working for an hourly rate.

Learn to sell and you’ll always have a job

Learn to sell and you’ll always have a job

There are a TON of other benefits to working in sales – so many that I could write an entire article on that topic alone. For now, let’s just list these and move on to the next point:

  1. sales is excellent “in the trenches” training for business
  2. learning sales will improve your social skills
  3. working in sales will make you more confident (you’ll become less reactive to rejection)
  4. commission-only sales jobs are SUPER EASY to get if you know what to say to the recruiter

It’s really the last point that I want to talk about right here. For now, let’s just assume that there are commission-only sales job where you can make reliable income that is well above the national average in the United States.

In order to understand how to communicate with sales managers, let’s try for a moment in get inside their heads.

Imagine that you have “figured out” how to sell. You’ve been working in sales for years and have been able to make an extremely good living doing what you do best: selling products or services to customers.

You have confidence that after speaking to enough qualified customers, you’re going to make some sales. And those sales will provide way more income than if you were to work at some hourly gig.

Now imagine that you’ve done so well for yourself that you have been promoted to a managerial position. But you’re not middle management in some administrative position in some office: you manage salespeople.

Your job is to make sure these salespeople sell as much as they can. You have to keep them motivated. You have to constantly teach them different sales strategies. You have to step in and close sales for them when they need you to.

While it doesn’t “cost” you anything to hire new people, it can be a massive waste of time if you don’t hire the right ones. You spend all this time and energy trying to do whatever it takes to make sure they sell, only to have them ghost you a week later without so much as a text.

This being the case, what do you think the ONE QUALITY that these sales managers would look for in new hires?

Do you think it’s experience? Sales knowledge? Charm? Physical attractiveness?


Remember what I said earlier: the best way to get any job is to give your interviewer the impression that you REALLY WANT THIS JOB.

What do you REALLY need to get a job? (hint: it’s not experience)

What do you REALLY need to get a job? (hint: it’s not experience)

This is especially true for sales managers. To be more specific, the exact word they use is hungry.

They want HUNGRY salespeople.

They want HUNGRY salespeople so badly, in fact, that using the word HUNGRY almost works to automatically trigger them into hiring you immediately.

Let’s imagine for a second that we have two identical people who go for an interview. One of them conveys that he is HUNGRY to sell and make money. The other one doesn’t.

All things being equal, the one who expresses his desire to sell and make money is not only going to get hired faster, but he’ll also:

  • get more help from management
  • attack his job more enthusiastically
  • close more sales
  • make a better impression on his customers EVEN if they don’t buy

Over my sales career, I’ve gone through periods where I was tenacious in my efforts to close a customer and periods where I would just discard them and look for the next one. I always made more money when I was tenacious.

Not only that, but my customers actually RESPECTED me more for not giving up when trying to close them.

You’d think the opposite would be true, wouldn’t you? That customers would be put off by the fact that you are relentless in your pursuit to make them buy something from you.

But as long as you do it tactfully and professionally, they’ll actually like you more.

The point is this: the attribute of BEING HUNGRY is the most important thing not only when trying to get a sales job, but also when doing the job itself.

Speaking from personal experience, I would much much MUCH rather hire someone with absolutely no experience who is enthusiastic and money-motivated than someone who has experience but isn’t money motivated.

How to get a job FAST: the volume approach

How to get a job FAST: the volume approach

Let’s talk technical tips on how to get a job: What exactly are you supposed to do?

The first thing you’re going to do is go to http://Craigslist.org for your city. Navigate to jobs > sales jobs.

You’ll be served a list of search results. Open the first 10 tabs. Click the “reply to” button at the top left of the screen, copy the email address, and paste it into a new email in the BCC section.

You can also use a mail merge if you want, but it’s not necessary. If you have no idea what that is, don’t worry about it.

Repeat that process of copying the reply to email address and pasting it into the BCC field for all 10 tabs you opened.

Then open the next 10 tabs and do it again.

Then do the process for the rest of the links on the first page of the sales results.

You might be wondering: don’t I need to read these job ads before spamming them with my request for an interview?

The answer is: it depends.

If you can read quickly or skim the job ad, then by all means filter them.

But the point here is NOT to cherry pick these job ads for your perfect job.

Because of the ease of applying, pretty much all online jobs get tons of applicants. And if you have no experience or are otherwise unextraordinary, then you need to take a volume approach.

Once you’ve got 50 or so emails in the BCC field, put your OWN email address in the to field. In the “subject” field, put “Sales job on Craigslist.”

In the message body, write the following:

“Hi, my name is <name> and I’d like to apply for the sales job you listed on Craigslist. I’m hard working, money-motivated, and most importantly HUNGRY to make some sales.

Feel free to reach out by replying to this email or giving me a call/text at <your phone number>.”

Click the send button.

Getting a job is easier than you think

Getting a job is easier than you think

This will get you a MASSIVE response from companies that are looking to hire you. Some of them will be sh*t. Maybe even a lot of them. But there will be a few good ones in there as well.

What makes a good opportunity? Your criteria may vary, but here’s what I consider to be the bare minimum:

  1. they offer ongoing sales training
  2. there are already people at the company making big money
  3. their product or service is in demand

That’s really all it comes down to. And in fact, I would say #2 is probably the most important.

Why? Because if there are other people at that company who are already making money, then it stands to reason that you can make money as well.

You might be wondering: don’t I need to include a resume?

And the answer is… maybe.

Sales managers don’t really care about resumes. If you’re applying for a startup where they offer a base salary, they might care. But commission-only gigs have a veritable revolving door of salespeople coming in and out that reading resumes is a complete waste of time.

Don’t ask “how do I get a job,” ask “how can I be GOOD at my job?”

Don’t ask “how do I get a job,” ask “how can I be GOOD at my job?”

Not only that, but a resume isn’t a good predictor of whether or not someone is going to be a good salesperson.

In my sales career, I’ve seen MANY people who I was sure would be superstars fall flat on their face and not sell a single thing. I’ve also seen MANY people who I was sure would quit after two days prove me wrong and CRUSH it.

In my opinion, the best predictor of whether or not someone will be a good salesperson (as measured by their gross sales) is how motivated they are to sell.

Yes, there are certain things you can say and do to help your chances of making a sale. But you can literally take someone who hasn’t studied a single concept of selling yet who is DESPERATE to make money and they’ll sell WAY more than someone who has read all the books but doesn’t have that same motivation.

Actually, it’s not the desire to make money per se that will determine whether or not someone will succeed in sales. They just have to really want to make the sale.

Their motivation could be anything: the approval of their peers, money, a first place prize to Cancun for being the winner of a sales competition, beating a personal record, whatever.

They just have to have that motivation.

What’s going to happen afterwards is going to be something like this:

  1. you’re going to get a lot of calls and emails from companies that want to hire you
  2. they’ll ask you some questions to make sure you’re not an idiot and that you really want the job
  3. assuming you pass their test, they’ll schedule an interview with you

A few tips for the interview:

  • If you get coffee on the way, bring a cup for your interviewer as well
  • Show up early
  • Bring a pen
  • Dress well, shower, and brush your teeth
  • Be nice to the receptionist

I realize these all sound like common sense tips, but you’d be surprised how many people will show up to a job interview looking and smelling like crap.

Regarding the coffee tip, it’s just the courteous thing to do.

In fact, all of these things are courteous.

They show respect for the person who is interviewing you. They show that you respect the fact that they are devoting some of their time to having a conversation with you about allowing you to work with them.

That display of courtesy (shockingly lacking in most people these days) combined with you conveying how HUNGRY you are to make money will 100% get you the job.

Okay you got the interview – now what?

Now just because you got the interview and the job, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take the job.

In fact, when you see how easy it is to get a job this way, you’ll hopefully start to raise your standards in terms of where you want to work.

Definitely work SOMEWHERE to get some experience. It doesn’t hurt to try. Just make sure to work someplace where people are actually making money.

How to get a job during quarantine

How to get a job during quarantine

At the time of this writing, the world is currently shut down due to the Coronavirus. This is actually good news for salespeople, as it means that any jobs that are advertised online are essentially work from home jobs.

Pre-coronavirus, legit remote jobs were hard to come by. But now that it’s pretty much illegal to ask people to come in to work, companies are forced to work online.

One could make the argument that this is THE PERFECT TIME to nail down your work from home hustle.

And the best thing about a work from home sales job is that you don’t really need any technical skills to make it happen. If you can read, talk, and have basic computer skills then you can do this job.

Like I said before, it all really comes down to how badly you want to work.

If you want it badly enough, you can find out where the jobs are.
If you want it badly enough, you can get an interview.
If you want it badly enough, you can get the job.
If you want it badly enough, you can make the sales.

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