The 0 Calorie Ingredient That Makes Healthy Food Taste Good

If you clicked on this video, you fall into one of 3 categories:

You watch all my videos and thought this one sounded interesting
You found this because you’re searching on YouTube for a way to make healthy food taste good

The first group – you know I love you – but it’s the second group I want to talk about. Because you guys are fucked.

You probably thought this video was going to be about soy sauce or sugar free ketchup or something equally as inane. And I guess I can’t blame you, because that’s what people like you have shown that you will respond to.

Look, even I buy the zero calorie drinks at the store when I want to drink something.

But buying the zero calorie powerade (which I dont’ recommend) is different than “trying to make healthy food taste good.”

I don’t meant to insult you, I say this with love: but anyone searching for videos with those keywords is doomed from the beginning.

Now dont’ get me wrong, before this video is over I am going to tell you how to make healthy food taste good. Just let me talk a little more shit and we’ll get to it.

But first, I need to explain to you why this mode of thinking is wrong. Because once you understand how your priorities are structured incorrectly, making healthy food taste good will be a piece of cake.. no pun intended.

So hre’s the deal: if you’re searching for ways to make healthy food taste good, there are a couple of presuppositions that we can assume to be true:

1. You think healthy food tastes bad
2. You probably don’t like eating healthy food

Now look, I love eating unhealthy food as much as the next guy. If I had a dollar for every hot pocket, chicken finger, cookie or donut I’d ever eaten I could probably retire comfortably at this point.

But not only do I not eat those foods anymore, I have no desire to eat them.

Am I some sort of special creature that is super disciplined and dedicated and has to tie myself to my bed in order to make sure I don’t go to the store and buy cookies?

Absolutely not.

What I HAVE done is added a single ingredient to healthy food that makes it taste amazing to me. And unfortunately for me, adding this ingredient to unhealthy food is impossible.

Before I tell you what that ingredient is, let’s clearly define what it means for a food to be healthy. Now keep in mind that this is my personal definition and that I am always right about everything.

Healthy food is:

1. High in protein and/or monounsaturated fatty acids
2. Natural (i.e. found in nature)
3. Has vitamins A, D , and K2
4. Free of anti-nutrients (phytic acid)
5. Easily utilized by your body

To amke things simpler, let me just tell you what those healthy foods actually are: eggs, beef, chicken, pork, liver, raw milk, raw cheese, raw dairy, some nuts and seeds, and some grains (rye and sourdough)

Look up the Weston A Price foundation for more information. Or if you’re lazy, just follow a paleo diet.

But this brings us back to the original problem – how to amke these foods taste good?

If you’re watching this video, you’re either in tears that I didn’t mention pizza and ice cream as a form of health food, or you’re already looking up recipes for paleo pizza with raw cheese and homemade pepperoni with sourdough crust

And while you are welcome to get creative with the cooking (please send me your recipes) – allow me to finally tell you what this magical 0 calorie ingredietn is that you can add to healthy food to make it taste better:

Here it is…

The way to maek healthy food taste good is to focus on the lasting pleasure of what the food is doing for your body as opposed to the momentary pleasure of how it feels when it hits your taste buds.

Here’s an easy way to think about it:

One option is to eat pizza, cookies, french fries and Coke. You will feel REALLY amazing any time you are eating these foods. Every single bite will be ecstasy.

But as soon as you stop eating them, you’ll feel awful. Not only will you experience a dopamine crash, but you’ll look at what your body has become and hate yourself.

The second option is to eat chicken, vegetables, fruit, beef, raw dairy, and other natural foods. You will feel “good” when you’re eating, but not ecstatic like when you were eating the donuts.

However, you will feel AMAZING for the rest of the day and night, even when you’re not eating. You’ll have enough strength and motivation to do everything you need to do to get your life exactly the way you want it.

You’ll be able to play with your kids, to write that book, to create that website, start that business.. whatever you want.

Another way to think of it is like this:

Eating pizza, cookies, donuts and ice cream will make you feel AMAZING for 2 hours a day, and shitty for the other 22 hours.

Eating beef, chicken, raw dairy, and other paleo food will make you feel good for 2 hours a day, and AMAZING for the other 22 hours.

A very interesting way to explain it is like this:

Eating unhealthy food is like going into debt from buying things you don’t need: you enjoy yourself now, but eventually drive yourself into complete ruin.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle 0 calorie ingredient you can add to food and have it make every bite taste amazing (although Frank’s Red Hot Sauce does come pretty close).

But once you make the mental shift to focus on the lasting pleasure of the nutrients healthy food is supplying your body instead of the momentary pleasure you experience when the food hits your taste buds, you’ll never look at pizza and cookies the same way again.

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